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How is Buffalo treating you, cirerita?
I hope you had a good flight and I wish you a great time surrounded by mags.
Hi, guys. Just got the Internet connection working in my apt.

Loads of work here. Michael Basinski -the Curator of the Poetry Collection- is a cool guy and the staff is very helpful. They keep saying how impressed they're when they see me going through so many mags. I bet most "researchers" probably research other stuff ;) but not the mags. They told me they had never pulled many of the items I requested.

"Which issues would you like to see, sir?"

Back to work.
Post cards from the Fidget Factory

Wish you were here.
Write if you find work.
The weather is beautiful.

Everyone says "Hi".

- -
Father Luke
I'm finding quite a few gems here. Too bad I don't have a scanner... and I'll probably won't have time to scan them when I get back to the land of the conquerors. Ha!
I do have a HD camera, but there are a lot of hawkeye guards in this fortress ;)

Bless your heart if some stooge (no offense mjp) is looking over you shoulder all day. Anyway make sure the flash is turned off. And whatever you do don't post the photos on the forum.
Did you go see the waterfall?
Scanners and cameras are not allowed, methinks. But you can request xerox copies, and that I'll do. I was just saying that I don't have a scanner in the apt. so I cannot upload to the forum a few of the cool items I've found so far. And then in Spain... well, forget it ;)

No time for the Falls yet. Will probably go this weekend.
don't miss Ripley's! they even have a genuine Fiji mermaid...believe it or not...:D
Before I left Spain, I moved all the binders from my place (in the woods) to a safe place downtown. Am I sick? :D
Just came back from the Falls (American ones). I was surprised to find out that it wasn't really crowded, and it was pleasant to see that the Falls have not been entirely turned into an American show -though the boat "fighting" against the wild current in the watery midst was a good candidate ;)

Weather's a bit crazy here. Sunny in the morning, pouring in the afternoon. A few days ago, a guy told me one of the local jokes:
"Hey, how's the weather in Buffalo?"
"Ask me that again in 5 minutes."

I didn't get it then. Today I got it.

Also went to Talking Leaves & Books. Cool place.
Ok, I'm done here, guys. And I gotta admit I'm worn out. Shattered. I've been in the library every day from 9 to 5, working almost non-stop.

I could review 800 or so magazines. Some mags run for 1-2 issues, others for 20 and others for 50. I went thru' them all. I even took a look at some 100 mags where I suspected B. might have been published in -not much luck on that end, though.

Also went through a few MSS collections: Intrepid, Mica, Slipstream, etc.

The invoice from Buffalo's Poetry Collection reads:
"photocopies of Bukowski publications": 464
"scans of Bukowski publications": 150
Total $167.80

That's a bargain, believe me. $0.20 per xerox copy is pretty cheap today. A few days ago I paid $0.50 per copy (plus a $30 handling fee) to have all the Henry Miller letters (and other authors) to Bukowski copied. Just yesterday I heard from a library which will copy for me the unpublished letters from Bukowski to Blazek. They ask $0.50 per copy plus $50 to handle the material and ship it to Spain. So $0.20 is quite reasonable. And the staff at Buffalo used a little slip of paper to write down the name of the mag, volume and issue on each copy! Very, very helpful.

Not to mention scans. Try to get scans from any library. They usually ask $20 per copy for off-site patrons. Crazy. Here at Buffalo they usually charge $4 or $5 per scan, but they finally decided to charge me $0.50 per scan only. Nice, indeed.

Well, time to relax for a while and then tomorrow back to Spain. It will be a long, long, long journey. That's the price you have to pay for flying cheaply ;)
C; The big discount you got for the scans is a reflection of how nice you are to deal with. You see, the library people try to encourage polite behavior. So do we sometimes.
Have a safe trip home.

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