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Yep, your heard it right. We'll be away next July and we're renting our beautiful place in beautiful Spain. We usually rent it in July-August to some people we know in Spain, but they cannot make it this year, so here's your chance to enjoy your holidays in a unique place.

It's a modest house, though: three rooms, two bathrooms and a nice living-room with access to the garden. The house is located in a little town called Romanyà de la Selva, which is 10 minutes away from the Mediterranean Sea and 1 hour away from Barcelona and the French border. Romanyà de la Selva is a pretty ancient town with no stores, ATMs, bakeries, malls, etc. It's just a handful of houses in the woods, a beautiful stone church and two nice restaurants. That's it.

piscina 2005_0001_1.jpgDSC01919.JPG

Other info you may want to know:

- 1 acre plot.
- Private swimming pool (no chlorine used, which is excellent for kids)
- Theater room.
- Golf resort 4 miles away.
- No noisy neighbours.
- And the infamous Bukowski binders, of course!

Drop me a line if you're interested. Now that the euro is quite strong, it might not seem inexpensive to Americans. Blame it on Bush ;)

A few pics from Google Earth where you can see the exact location in the woods. Also a couple of "real" pics.

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2008, but 2009 might be possible as well.

The house will be available from July 1st to July 21st, 2008.

Obviously, you can bring your kids along. And your pets as well.
it's amazing how much this looks like northern California.
I was in Spain a few years ago and driving through the Sierra Nevada
in southern Spain, I wasn't sure I had left California it looks so similar.
Nice Place.
when I was in LA for the first time, I told the kids of my ex-girlfriend, that the city looks a little like Berlin if they had built it in Spain. This may not be a perfect description but it has something.

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