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Hi all,

I lived in Hermosa Beach from the early eighties till the early nineties. It is there that I began to read Bukowski (until then I had only read Women). I bought my books from Either/or bookstore. I knew Bukowski occasionally visited there but had I never met him. One day I picked up "Bring me your Love" by CB and noticed that it was signed. I checked with the store owner Peter Pott (the grumpy guy) who said CB occasionally signed his books and put them back on the stack. I was the lucky one to pick it up. Since that day I checked out all the Bukowski books on the shelves everytime I went to that store, with no luck. Can anyone place a monetary value on this book? I still have the Either/or bookmark in it.

Here is an article that confirms my story, not a new one but interesting reading anyway
I'd guess that a randomly signed copy is worth between $50 and $100 more than an otherwise identical unsigned copy. So if you have a mint condition, later printing, paper cover that is signed, it's probably worth between $70 and $150 depending on your luck and the state of the economy.
Merhaba -or however you spell that. Welcome. Galip, what side of Istanbul do you live? The Asian or European? I want to go back to Turkey, I miss the food and the people. You know the wine was good too.
Hi Gerard,
I live the Asian side. At least once a week I commute to Europe for work, more if I go to a concert or other entertainment. It does not dawn on me too much that I cross continents for drinks or see an exhibition or work, but I guess it is worth contemplating.

Drop a line if you decide to come.

Hank, thanks for the estimate.

mjp, Either/or was indeed a great bookstore, so was Hermosa Beach as a town. I used to casually walk into the Lighthouse cafe and listen to Bo Diddley, Guitar Shorty etc. Cafe 50's appeared in a number of films. And of course how could I forget the rambunctious, loud and fast talking video store clerk who'd spoil the film I was renting by telling everyhing about it in 30 seconds, his name was Quentin Tarantino.

Well, I miss it all
Well, I miss it all
You would miss it if you were here, too, because it's become a crispy enclave of the worst kind of Angelenos. Just like every other beach city that used to have some flair back in the day. Venice, Hermosa - if you haven't seen them in 15 years they are practically unrecognizable. But I suppose that was inevitable.

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