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Somehow I wound up on this site from trying to find articles by Bukowski on Open City. I was one of those kids that wound up in Southern California in 1967, otherwise known as the "Summer of Love" and met Bukowski at the underground newspaper called "Open City".
Actually, I wrote a rough blog piece about that experience that I thought I would go back and smooth out editing it, but for some reason decided to just leave it as it was. I think I might be able to figure out how to put up a link to the piece which would be easier for me than, whoops my 64 year old mind just got hung up on my motivations. Check out the blog piece if you're so inclined.
BTW if anyone could connect me to his articles on Open City I would be very appreciative.

BTW if you're not inclined to read my blog piece, I'll give you the heart of my interaction with Hank ... He told me that my opinion of Hemingway sounded like regurgitated English teacher vomit! Oh yeah, he also told me which poets might help me get laid.

Actually I didn't just get here, unless 1948 is just getting here

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Hello. Enjoyed your blog piece on Open City. Noticed you spelled the editor/publisher name as "Bryant" rather than Bryan. Everything I've seen has the name without the "t".

An Open City column found online.


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