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Looks like it was taken in his writing room in San Pedro. He had a bulletin board on the wall in there.

I've never seen the photo either.
by the way,i am half greek and i can tell you most of the greek buk-translations are HORRIBLE....i have a greek translation of "woman",done by a woman and the book is literary destroyed by translation...whole passages left out or just dead wrong translated so that the meaning is totally gonne..almost as if done on was i angry.
The poems get by a little better.
mjp: Ah, the photo was taken in Buk's writing room. Thanks. I wouldn't have known that. I generally have ignored the listings of translations on eBay, but this Greek cover has me thinking I should check them out just to see the photos.

dull: the translation is that bad? A shame. I wonder if there is some sort of bizarre dynamic at play here, wherein the bigger the author's reputation, the sloppier the editing/publishing becomes. Like, they know the damned thing will sell, so why sweat the details? Just a theory...
Do they literally translate the four letter words?

I worked for Greeks for almost 10 years. I had my share of Malaka, Agamisu, Pustis, Amoto Christosu...

Of course, I have spelled these phonetically, as I have no idea how they are all spelled. Just spoken.

Should we teach the group some Greek?

I thkn that it is very important to learn how to say "fuck off" in other languages.



ande jamisu: go and fuck yourself(fuck off)
malaka:jerk or buddy(really, it just depends on the context)


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