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Hi. I've been a Bukowski reader since around 83. I could almost say 'It began as a mistake.' Back in those days I was a student in Brighton, England. Each term when my grant money came I was in the habit of going to a bookshop and buying a big stack of weighty volumes - mysticism, philosophy etc. This time I followed the usual pattern (at an excellent bookstore called 'Public House', no longer there sadly.) Then at the last moment I lobbed a paperback 'Post Office' on top of the stack I was carrying to the checkout. Read it in one sitting that night; got some beers and read it again. Then went back and bought as many Black Sparrows as I could afford. Battered and stained, them and me, I still have them.

Later I wrote my dissertation on Bukowski. I reread it recently and it wasn't a total embarassment - exploring the way that the Bukowski character (ie the image we have of the author) interacts with the written work.

Anyway - there it is, I've said hi.

There's something about Post Office that makes a lot of people read it in one bite...
yes, welcome indeed. bukowski seems to inspire lots of us here. glad to see that you've stuck with him throughout the years. happy posting and happy reading!
Welcome Edge.

I have some local info regarding San Pedro, where Hank resided until his demise, if you have an interest. It's nice to see we are not alone.

Funny how when you are living here in his hometown, it's obvious to make the connection with his word. When you find out that the gospel reached people around the globe, it's staggering.

I went to a local Pedro pub called the Whale & Ale last week and had a copy of Tales of Ordinary Madness with me. While reading as I was waiting for my drink, the waitress saw me laughing. "Is that crazy old drunk making you laugh?" she said.

Buk is this underlying pulse anywhere you go in Pedro.

Those who don't get it don't need to.
For those of us who do, well, it's a formative and receptive audience.

There could be worse places to live.

Peace to you and yours.

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