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Hello humans.

I have been reading the site for a couple of months or so now and finally took the plunge. It appears to me that I am relatively young compared to the regulars of the site but to me it seems Buk is having something of a revival amongst my generation (or as much as a writer can amongst a generation who generally has no time for such things).

I have been writing for a few years now and despite largely getting patronised by older 'writers' people seem to now be coming round to the fact that it is not merely an adolescent phase and something I take seriously. Or something that seriously took me anyway.

I read a few sites and rarely have the desire/balls to post but I am hoping this will be a new chapter in my internet procrastination.
welcome, jac.

glad we could help you find your balls.

um, you know what I mean.
Welcome aboard, jac! Have a ball with all the great Buk stuff you'll find here.
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