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I would like to see the Beatles, reunite, but alas, two of them have gone onto a better world-so they would be replaced by the two remaining members of the Who and all the remaining members of the Ramones (three drummers.)
There is still one more Ramones Bassist alive as well. Show some love for C.J.

I've seen a lot of great bands at the beginning and peak or their careers, but the Clash eclipsed almost all of them (when they were on their game anyway, which appears to have been about a third of the time).

Better than Aerosmith third on the bill with one record out and everything to prove, better than Bob Dylan in 1978 with nothing to prove, but still kicking ass, better than Iggy Pop in a bar room that held maybe 300 people, better than Led Zeppelin two nights in a row (almost got killed that second night, but that's another story), better than Bachman Turner Overdrive - wait, scratch that last one...when the Clash were good there was no one better.

Well, except the Bad Brains.
I only saw the Clash once, in Boston '80, but it was the best show in a big place that I've ever seen.
There is still one more Ramones Bassist alive as well. Show some love for C.J.
Very true, Rob. I contacted CJ about this proposed show and no only did he decline but threatened legal action if his name was mentioned in any way with this.

Yeah, HR has played with a lot of people I know in Los Angeles too. He has trouble keeping musicians around because he' do you say...out of his fucking mind apparently.

But I'll never forget the first time I saw Bad Brains. I went to rehearse with my band the next night and said, "Well, I quit. The band I saw last night has done it all. We're wasting our time." Ha.

I didn't quit of course. Not that night, anyway.
I would like to see a reunion of the Clash.

Obviously, Joe Strummer has gone on to that great big rock n roll gig in the sky so in his place the logical choice would be another British singer of the time namely Boy George. And instead of Clash tunes they would do songs by Toto, Styk "Lady", REO Speedwagon, Journey, & Jefferson Starship. Johnny Rotten would come up to sing, "Thank God I'm a Country Boy," and Billy Idol to sing, "Billy Don't Be A Hero."

Then, of course, for a little variety I would have Helen Reddy come out riding a unicycle backwards and singing, "Ace of Spades," in Japanese while Gary Glitter does unspeakable things to male porcupines in the front row.

The finale would be all the musicians onstage to sing, "Old Time Rock N Roll," by Bob Segar with George Michaels doing sign language and making paper mache hats for everyone!

I know this, or concerts like this, are so commonplace now but this would bring tears of joy to my very heart!

I would like to see Seals& Croft reunite but instead of them it would be Loggins & Messina in their place and they would do songs by Simon & Garfunkel while Flo & Eddie masturbated to pictures of Hall & Oates.

Oh, it would be a special night, a very special night, indeed!
slimedog said:
I would like to see Seals& Croft reunite but instead of them it would be Loggins & Messina in their place and they would do songs by Simon & Garfunkel while Flo & Eddie masturbated to pictures of Hall & Oates.

Oh, it would be a special night, a very special night, indeed!

It looks like it was a hot night in Carmichael last night. Hot to the point of Brain Damage.
Actually, it was quite pleasant as California appears to be on fire and the smoke masses are keeping the temperatures down a nit. I must admit that I usually have some refreshments before posting these reunitations but alas, it would appear that this cannot be the only 'cause and I should get this looked into promptly with a certified metal health expert, thanks to all concerned.

I would like to see a reunion of Guns N Roses but instead of playing their instruments they would all be on stools or lounge chairs shooting up heroin, then in the background a curtain would rise and a Contemporary Christian rock band (like Stryper) would start playing Guns N Roses tunes but with the words promoting Jesus and a wholesome lifestyle i.e. Sweet God o' Mine.
Cat Stevens then strapped to a wheelchair would be wheeled out and set fire to and pushed into the crowd. For a finale the members of Guns N Roses would vomit on the Christian Rock Band while Marilyn Manson (dressed as a giraffe) had sex with Anita Bryant (dressed as a giant orange.)

Hopefully the kids would put aside their violent rap cds and learn a lesson from this show.
I would like to see a group of speed-metal barbarians, fronted by a leatherfaced and leather-loined psycho spewing dirges about politics and religion. There would be headless popes hosing the audience from a severed head and impaled statesmen gyrating death-throes to the pummeling beat. The a naked savage goddess would cauterize your eyes' and ears' disbelief with a 15 foot tounguue of flames. Bodies in effigy would crowd-surf, dripping blood, as the horror began to succumb to the next hit single. Oh, wait, I did see all was GWAR.
Generally, when a band reunites after decades, the result is more or less horrible (for instance, Bauhaus last year).

There is a french band whose career was brutally interrupted in 2003 and for whose come-back I am strongly wishing. It is called Noir Désir and was the most famous french rock band. At the end of last year, they released two songs on the web but no more news since then.
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isn't Noir Desir the band that had to stop recording because the lead singer killed his girlfriend? I think the girlfriend was a fairly well known actress.

EDIT: good old google confirms that it was the same band.
Yes. But he did not intend to kill her, the circumstances of the tragedy were very confused. I won't carry on, so much things have been said about it...

It was really an excellent band, do not hesitate to taste them, a lot of their songs are available on the net ! Bertrand Cantat was described as the french Jim Morrison, he was very charismatic on stage.

A video among others :
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I would like to see Cop Shoot Cop reunite.
Highly influenced by Foetus, especially the singer, they played a crazy style of industrial noise rock with two bass players and no guitar, except for their last album "Release" in 1994. Sadly I missed to ever see them live on stage. :(
These cynics must return.Synthetic horns, percussion-like drumming, two bass guitars sounding like a chainsaw cutting through windows and the singer regurgitating pains from the bottom of his soul.
Please come back.
I would like to see Cop Shoot Cop reunite.
Highly influenced by Foetus...
Much more than influenced. Thirwell often produced them and recorded with them (and vice versa). Toss Lydia and some ex-Swans into the mix and you got everything you could want. That was a tight local scene there in Brooklyn that went global and affected/afflicted by a blistering inventiveness...the whole mess of them. After hours they'd pile into the bar on occasion, Myrtle Avenue, Fort Greene...not much music talk, but lots of other ruminated vitalities (poetry too)...I would stagger home a little later those nights.
Original Yes, with Tony Kaye, not that pretentious Rick Wakeman, but with Steve Howe. Ok, so not original Yes.

Original King Crimson (Fripp, Lake, Giles and McDonald), and the fourth incarnation of King Crimson (Fripp, Wetton, Cross and Bruford).
Spandau Ballet is going to reunite.

I would very much like to see Spandau Ballet again but with some minor changes, I would like everyone in the band to be dressed as Freddie Mercury and instead of their hits I would like to see them only play songs by Black Oak Arkansas and Lynard Skynard but in their own style, of course- i.e faux Bowie vocals, synthesizer drenched arrangements. Sweet Home Alabama takes on a new life done glam style.

For a finale I would have Rush Limbaugh come out to sing the words to "True" and while singing he would be strapped face down on a hospital bed and would be in the act of being sodomized by Britney Spears in a nurse's uniform.

MJP has heard my proposal and has offered to fund this event. All parties are in agreeance and a few techinical difficulties (size of the dildo, etc.) still seem to be need to be ironed out.

I would encourage everyone to support this event and get tickets early as possible as most cities are expecting sellouts, opening band is "Flock of Lemmy's" which is a cover band that does Flock of Seagulls songs done Motorhead style.

See you there.
Now that I looked it up, slimedog has the funniest post of the week.

You know that always played on the radio but those guys that gave us all a bad name loved this song like flies love shit.

It's funny that that song title is True and those hacks use to lie through their teeth.

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