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I have been a Bukowski fan for about six years, ever since a friend of mine at work introduced me to Ham on Rye. In many ways, it felt like the book was written for me. While I have relied on this site for information for a number of years and occasionally lurked on this forum, I am just know joining. Look forward to future discussions and getting to know some of you all.
Thanks for the welcome and your dedication to small press. I have read about a number of your projects and am consistently impressed with the final product. When funds permit, I have to do business with you. I also covet a number of items you have listed in the for sale section.
Welcome, Jake.

You and your bird make yourselves at home. There's beer in the fridge for you and live mice in a cage by the back door for your bird. You can have a mouse too if you like.
This "mouse shortage" has been artificially created. Take as much as you can handle.


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