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Hey Bukowskis,

Literally since school, our good old Hank has been by my side. Most of the time I`m carrying one of his books with me – nowadays as ebooks. He always gave me advices, recently I started to realize, a lot of those were not for my best but I still love his writings and his style.

It is my first time writing on this forum, but I started reading texts on here a while ago, and I must say, I really like it. I hope we`ll have a good time, and maybe some of the experts on this forum can give me a little advice...but more on this topic in the buy/sell section.


Welcome L.Kr. Just as an introduction... What's some of your favorite Buk poetry, fav Buk novel(s), Buk non-fiction? Today my favorites are Last Night of the Earth Poems and Post Office.
To be honest, it started with the fuck machine: stories in a german translation. The story about the dirty old german made us laugh so hard when we were young. During the last years Post Office also became my favorite Bukowski novel and the The Days run away like wild Horses over the Hills Poems and the Notes of a dirty old Man are my choice.

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