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jose leitao

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Hello mjp!

Glad to see what you told me a few weeks ago was true.

Love the new forum.
I decided to add this new Introduction thread to the forum, hope it's in the right section... if not feel free to move it to a more appropriate section.

My name is Jos? Leit?o
I'm a Chemical Engineer, from Portugal.
29 years old, been reading Bukowski ever since I was checking out some Tom Waits lyrics back in 1997/98(?). There was a link to the Poet and I followed it, and that day I must have printed a dozen poems off the web. Nowadays I have a good many Bukowski books, have found some translated to Portuguese as well, and I also have Howard Sounes' Biography: "Locked in the Arms of a Crazy Life". I also have a couple of audio CDs with Hank's voice reading poetry for college students and such, very entertaining stuff.

Thanks for maintaining this Bukowski site, I've been following this ever since the old whiskeytown server and smog.net site...

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