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Hello, I am new here. I have been reading Bukowski's poetry for quite some years never knowing who he really was until I came across his novel 'Factotum' and researched a bit about him. As a fiction writer, his book is my guide. His book is the only one that stays on my bed all the time. What I like about his writing are the details. Vivid and vibrant. He makes me watch his stories. Not everyone can do that. Actually, I have read hundreds of books but I never found anyone as vivid as him. So, he might be the only one.
Notwithstanding skiroomalum's comments, Factotum is, despite so many opinions to the contrary, his best novel. It's brilliant; insightful and more funny than a barrel of pythons engorging themselves on bad editors. But the others are great too, so there's that. Welcome.

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