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I recently got back into Bukowski after reading some of his stuff when I was 19-20. I’m 36 now and just really exploring a bunch of his works. I’ve watched everything on YouTube and I own a few books of poetry and a couple novels. I also finally made the pilgrimage to his resting place this year for his birthday. By no means do I consider myself a hardcore fan or anything but I can appreciate his work and contributions.

Yeah. Bukowski is a hoot. Funny thing is the bastard really could write. He dedicated himself to it. So, whether you read one thing by him or everything he ever wrote, one can gain a deep understanding of the man, and a liking for his work.

Have a look around, and at the website, too…

Lots of fun watching anybody find this forum for the first time.

Speaking for myself, we all hope you brought booze.


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