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So I finally broke down, and bought some art from Henry Hill. The best thing about it, was the package it came in. (which according to Henry, he wrote himself, he seemed quite proud!) Postman do not bend Ovens are hot That is awesome! I just wonder if my postman read it?


and here is the art I bought... Yes, yes, is it art, who cares it's by Henry Hill and of Stern! And came with a cert of authenticity! Oh man, and I still owe the IRS money, wow. I'm real good with money I tell ya!



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No, it's a clean shaven Frank Zappa.

Congrats, Nervas! I've often thought about buying a piece of his artwork. Not that he's a great artist, the opposite is probably more true, but it's interesting in a weird sorta way to own a painting made by a (in)famous gangster, and since his artwork is real cheap it's not a big deal to 'invest' in one of his paintings.
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more crickets than friends
Yeah, I can't tell you how I still curse myself everyday for not buying a Dee Dee Ramone or Wesley Willis painting while they were alive. Not that I expect Henry Hills art to go up after he dies. But still, I'm trying to learn from the past.


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Quoting nervas: "and I still owe the IRS money"

I just paid off my IRS bill for 2009. I didn't know it was an option to buy art instead! Nobody told me! Next year...


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Yup, I most certainly am going. However I'm a little disappointed. I bought all 7 of the limited edition Dee Dee prints they sold at the Johnny Ramone memorial last year. They only sold 20 of each. They would also only let you buy ONE of each. I wanted to buy 2 or 3 of some them. They literally sold out before the event really started, glad I got there early. But I was talking to Barbara Zampini(dee dee's very young and attractive widow) and she swore they would sell more this year at the Johnny Ramone memorial. Well, they didn't. So when I got the email about the event at La Luz, I was counting my cash. However they will not be selling any re-prints of his paintings apparently. Only prints of photos that Jenny Lens took, and eh, I don't need those. So I'm going just to pick up a copy of the silkscreen and to stare at his original paintings under better light. At the Johnny Ramone funeral they were literally hanging against the plastic wall of a tarp. I remember thinking, I'd rather rob this tent, then a bank!

Here's 2 of the prints I have up from last years event:


And here's my copy of Dee Dee's Chelsea Horror Hotel that I asked Barbara to sign because the book is a fictional account of her and Dee Dee living at the hotel and because she's HOT!


And lastly, a picture of Dee Dee and Barbara, because she's HOT!



more crickets than friends
eh, NOT that hot! hahahah, just kidding man, I fell in love last time! If she'd let me slap a ring on her finger, no questions asked I'd sign anything(not much) I own over to her and then would follow here around like a stray dog.

And interesting note, when dee dee died at 51 years old Barbara was 24!!!!! So she's a very nice 32 years old now, just ready for me to make her my wife! I mean, come on, like I can't compete with a dead dee dee ramone? hahahah. Oh and when they first started dating he was 43 and she was 16....WHOA, easy dee dee.

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