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For awhile he trained as a powerlifter, there are reports of him performing shrugs with 405 ; quite strong for a little punk rocker. The clean living probably enabled him...that and a unique intensity, which, whether he pleases you or not, certainly prevails within him.
Some years ago a friend lend me a book by Rollins. I started reading the first story and after 2 or 3 pages I switched to the next. Same thing with the second story. After reading a few pages of the third I gave it back.

There was no reading flow and it seemed boastful and affected.
I can't even remember the book title or story titles.

In the 90's I used to wear a Nomeansno shirt with "all human" instead of "part animal, part machine" on front and "stay home, read a book" instead of "search and destroy" above the tattoo print on the backside.
Fans were very upset.
How could I, me, the dwarf ridicule the mighty ROLLINS ?
Oh come on.

But I'm not putting him in the dumpster. Fact is I just don't care about Henry Rollins.
Well, you're the expert. I guess that's that.

So,that's what they wanted;lies.Beautiful lies.That's what they needed.People were fools.It was going to be easy for me.

Are you sure you joined the right forum?

Perhaps you should read: "All The Assholes In The World And Mine."

There is nothing wrong with Buk.
Most of us are like that.I'm even worst. It's "you"- crazy,posesed fanatics of his persona.Love his work and put his life on the side.How many times he told you that. "BIBLE SAYS-LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOUR- IT'S ALSO SAYS-LIVE HIM ALONE."
rollins would grow out of himself if it were at all possible. ;)

though i cant go for his straight edge attitude henry rollins is the single biggest influence on my writing.
Ha! For one reason or another, these days Bukowski is a cool thing to know or writer you heard about - or read his books on the toilet. But to be, somehow, influenced - forget it, it;s not hip enough.

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