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My name is Hugo, I just joined, spent a couple of hours reading the forum. I love reading Buk.. I got to this site while searching for the text of "Sun coming down."
Hi there... My name is Hugo
Hi, Hugo &

I... spent a couple of hours reading the forum.
Just beware...
I started reading it in July 2013 and still have two (huge) subforums to work on.

Too much time on my hands, of course.
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Did you find what you were looking for?
You may want to use the database. It will tell you in which book and on what page you can find the poem that you are looking for.

Yes! I did find what I was looking for , and then some ...
I found both the text of "Sun coming down" as published in the posthumous books, and as originally published in a magazine. And then started reading about all the "edits" that happened.
A poet in Brazil is readying a translation in Portuguese of a selection of posthumously published poems in Brazil, and I wanted to look up the originals. (I'm not really involved in this Brazil publication.).

Anyway, this is a great site! I'm glad I found it.
Yes, I play that sometimes...
Bukowski is popular here in Brazil; you can find around 10 different titles at every news stand (pocket versions in Portuguese - around $10 - $15).
yes, the bukowski "broken telephone" game!

funny and tragic at the same time...

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