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It is what it is
Any one here willing to venture a guess as to the current market value of this piece?
I'm refering to K2 on its own, not K14 (Coffin 1).
As new condition but smaller than described.

If it is smaller than described, then there is a good chance that this is the reprint edition that was inserted in the Dorbin Biblio. I have one here. What are the dimensions?

If it is the reprint edition, then it would be worth about $35-$50...

The reprint was not marked as a reprint, if I remember, so it can be confused...

I'll check the dimensions and get back to you...
Does the reprint still have the "6/16/60" date on it?
100mm wide x 203mm high.
It must be the one you describe from the Dorbin Biblio 'coz it fits neatly into a BSP book.
203mm x 100mm WITH the date of 6/16/60 is the REPRINT, sadly.

Yes, the publisher made it a bit confusing by not putting reprint somewhere on there. I expect that before Krumhansl was published and there was a standard of size set, it would have been really easy to buy the $35 one and pay $1000 for it... Add to the ones that were glued into copies of Dorbin, the ones that were overrons and have no glue on the back. Those could easily be passed off as originals.

So, the eternal answer is "Yes, size DOES matter."


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