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Anyone read this yet? She has a book coming out (supposedly) called Loving and Hating Charles Bukowski, and I'm guessing that's the one to read. I'm assuming curled inside the curve of his body... is poems?
I guess I'll find out soon enough what curled inside the curve of his body... is -- I bought one on ebay today.
"curled insode the curve of his body" is a book of poems published by Soheyl Dahi at Sore Dove Press, out of San Francisco. website A great guy and a great publisher. This title also shows up on ebay. Worth picking up. Really.

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The poems weren't my cup of tea, which is why I didn't say anything here after reading it. It isn't that it's bad, I just prefer her work from the 70's that I've read.

Sore Dove has put out a decent amount of material in a relatively short time, and it looks like he's got more on tap for '06.
I have the third printing from 1999. Anyone have the first? I think that some of those were signed by both LK and Buk.


Mine says Second Edition, 1994. Dedicated to me by Linda in 2001. It says that the first edition copies sold for $1. She also mentions that the drawings were included for the first time in the second edition. Is that right???
I'm lucky enough to have a first printing and it's signed by both King and Bukowski on the cover. I don't have the exact dimensions but it's larger than the later printings. John Martin mentioned that Bukowski and King signed and ultimately gave away many copies for free!
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