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Just discovered this forum (thanks to Mike Daily), and although I haven't read any Bukowski in about five or six years (sadly, haven't really read anything in five or six years) perusing through the threads here has revived my long standing obsession.
It's late right now, but I'll come back to this soon and include some more info about li'l ol' me. In the '90s I did some publishing (two small press ventures, one called smellfeast, and the other titled Wake Up Heavy) and writing (my "greatest" achievement was making it into three issues of Wormwood). I may have, in fact, "met" some of you back then, but I haven't really been able to discern who's who behind the user names.
Now I publish letterpress cards and prints for a living.
Excited to get into some in-depth discussions here, learn some stuff, and hopefully be able to relate some of my own Buk knowledge. More soon...
Welcome to the forum. You found the right place for you. You will fit right in. There are people in here from Fresno.

Enjoy the reading.
Just discovered this forum

What issues were you in? I have a full run and an trying to find out who you are!

What kind of presses do you run? I have a C&P 8x12 and a Kluge Automatic 10x15 (The Kluge needs work to get running). I also have friends that are about 40 miles away that have Vandercooks, A Windmill, a couple Iron Presses, etc, etc....

welcome to the forum.

enjoy yourself, but no shoes on the furniture. you know how mom gets.
Thanks folks.

The press here has four 10x15 Heidelberg Windmills, one 12x18 Windmill, and one large format Heidelberg cylinder press. I haven't worked in the shop since January, when my wife went back to work after maternity leave, so I focus on my retail stuff.

I was in WR #138, #144 and the Festschrift #145-146. I had 21 poems accepted by Malone, but only 5 made it into the mag before he passed. I self-published a chapbook of all the poems that had been accepted, just for my own gratification.
Welcome to the forum, Lttr Prssd! To have made into Wormwood three times is not bad at all. Well done!
Thanks Bukfan, I was definitely proud of that. Becoming a regular, getting a center section and then a chapbook, were my ultimate goals. Wasn't in the cards though.
your piece in the Festschrift was one of the best pieces there (along with David Barker's). I remember it from reading it all those years ago...

In regards to the Festschrift, I had solicited a number of the poems for an earlier Malone "tribute" publication I had planned on doing. Unfortunately I had to cancel the project, a bad move I know Marvin frowned on, along with a proposed book of letters from and to Steve Richmond by a number of publishers. Thankfully the poems I received were used by Christa Malone for the Festschrift. At least I think they all were. She did a much better job than I could have.
I've already started digging into some boxes of books and mags because of this board. There's more stuff in the rafters of my garage that I can't get to, but I'll try soon. A lot of '90s small press stuff with Buk in it.

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