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It is what it is
Can anyone provide a scan of the prospectus for this item?

I haven't seen it and I'm thinking about picking one up (now that I have Bills beautiful clamshell case for my copy of the book - thanks Bill!).

Also, are there photos in the German edition called Pferdefleisch or is it just text?

Many thanks.
Pferdefleisch includes the photos. At least, I will assume they're all the same ones. I have a cheap paper back and if memory serves, most of the photos are black and white in that edition.
What the hell!?

How did I forget my 2nd favorite Bukowski site?

Thanks chronic. Thanks Hank.
I've been trying to figure out something about Horsemeat. Krumhansl states: "An additional 15 copies marked "Photographer's Copy" were published; all 15 are signed and are identical to the previous volume but contain "glossy prints" instead of the "matte finish" prints used in the trade edition."

I have one of the Photographer's Copies, and I've alsked a couple of folks here who own the "standard" signed/numbered edition what their photos are like, and they seem to be glossy just like mine. Anyone have any info on this?
Horsemeat [...] Anyone have any info on this?

not specially. But -
When I went through MMs heritage (and that was only during two afternoons, so I couldn't "cataloque", just had a look!) I saw, there were several editions of 'Horsemeat'.

I'm looking forward to be able to visit the US one day and go with Daisy through all these Buk-things, her dad has left. But this will take some time, kids.

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