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The common point between Bukowski, Ellroy, Crumb, Woody Allen and the french writter Marc-Edouard Nabe :
they hate Rock'n'Roll music. For them, Rock is a music for people with mental troubles.
But I always thought that Bukowski hated Rock because it was associated with the hippies.
However, he worked with fanzines connected with the Rock culture (like Creem) and he saw the Rolling Stones twice in LA. Allright, he was paid for that, but he seemed really intrigued by Rock concerts atmosphere and Mick Jagger charism.

Maybe he was disapointed by the Rock because it was a symbolism of a youth which he did not understand ?
For Marc-Edouard Nabe, Rock music was stolen from the blacks by the whites. For him, white musicians cannot make some good music...
And so, Crumb was a symbol for the contre-culture and Frisco's scene. But he hated that. What a paradox.

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