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i was rereading factotum last night, and it struck me that the hotel where jan works (where chinaski meets her upon returning to LA from miami) is across the street from my girlfriend's apartment... it's a comfort inn now.

i am positive that i have seen a picture of the old hotel back when bukowski actually lived there (there's a distinctive sign out fron that says "goody goody"), but i can't for the life of me remember where. does this sound familiar to anyone? and if not, what are the best photography collections that i can dig through to find it?

Vermont Ave. & Beverly Blvd.

Hi Jordan,

The Goody Goody Restaurant is located near that intersection,
and the Comfort Inn is just north of it on Vermont. I lived
nearby in the Silver Lake area for 19 years. Someone at
Goody Goody's might be able to recall the name of the hotel
before it became the Comfort Inn, as I don't happen to recall
its name right now. That part of town was certainly Bukowski
territory. I'm sure that with enough digging, a vintage photo
will turn up. "”Poptop.


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