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This article is about the Chelsea hotel. Buk gets no mention but the whole way through I kept thinking of the room where Pamela Wood almost fell out of the tenth floor window. At the end of the article it mentions a "10th floor room with a lone north facing window." This could have been the room.
Not sure if this is the correct forum to post this.
I stayed at the Chelsea in 1987 for about two weeks when a film company used my apartment building as a movie set and put us up in there for the duration of filming. My room was on the tenth floor.

GDPR 4124

My favourite reference to the Chelsea Hotel in music:

"I can still hear the sounds of those Methodist bells
I’d taken the cure and had just gotten through
Stayin’ up for days in the Chelsea Hotel
Writin’ 'Sad-Eyed Lady of the Lowlands' for you"

And people say that Bobby only gets confessional on "Blood on the Tracks"...
There was a great documentary on the BBC documentary series Arena about the Chelsea Hotel which included at least a dozen well known cultural figures still alive in 1981. There's an amusing bit where Burroughs and Warhol are having a conversation of sorts and Warhol tells Burroughs that he could be a painter.

Here it is:


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