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Price cut! HUGE bunch of New Buk-books (suited for resale) (1 Viewer)

This might be of interest for the innumerous resellers in Europe around this joint:
I'm willing to sell a bigger bunch of my stock of English-language-Bukowskis, all new.

if anyone's interested at all, I'll make a detailed list of titles and amounts.
Meanwhile, here's an idea:

- Hot Water Music
- ALL 3 Volumes of Letters
- several books of poetry
- Notes of a Dirty Old Man
- Most Beautiful Woman in Town
- Tales of Ordinary Madness
- Portions From A Winestained Notebook (softcover and hardcover)
- Absence of the hero
- Calonne: Bukowski (biography)
- Sounes: 'Locked' (biography)
- Pamela Wood: 'Scarlet' (memoir)
- Duval: 'Bukowski and the Beats'
- Pivano: 'Laughing' (interviews)
- Ham On Rye
- Factotum
- Hollywood
- Pulp
- . . .

The available amounts vary between 30 and 60 copies per title.

I'd preferably sell one big pack, but am open for suggestions. The more you take, the better your prize. And of course, I'm not intending to just give them away. I'm looking for a fair deal for both sides.

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