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Thanks baby.
I can't recall Buk ever mentioning the movie.
(But he surely hasn't mentioned every damn film he ever saw. And btw I've never heared him talking about the picturisation of John Fantes novels.)

Have seen this guy who uploaded 'Hunger' also has Kafkas 'Das Schloß' (aka 'The Castle') on youtube. Is that a good one?
Right! I can't remember him mentioning the movie either, but I think he would have liked it.
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I believe Buk mentioned Hamsun somewhere, but I can't remember where it was.

hello, Hamsun is a pearl from Last Night of the Earth Poems.

Did anybody else watch this movie? It was a powerful experience for me. I was feeling like the gods were tightening the vices in my gut again, couldn't sleep, sat down to this. All kinds of long-lost recollections from my youth came back to mind, things I hadn't thought about in 20 years or more.

A moving movie.
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Women, Chapter 21:

“We walked out on the veranda with our drinks and watched the afternoon traffic. She was talking about Huxley and Lawrence in Italy. What shit. I told her that Knut Hamsun had been the world’s greatest writer. She looked at me, astonished that I’d heard of him, then agreed.”

Women, Chapter 96:

“It was a decaying high-rise. Just before we reached the lobby she took a right and I followed her up a cement stairway, watching her ass. It was strange, but everybody had an ass. It was almost sad. But I didn’t want her ass. I followed her down a hallway and then up some more cement steps. We were using some kind of fire escape instead of the elevator. What her reason was I had no idea. But I needed the exercise—if I intended to write big fat novels in my old age like Knut Hamsun.”

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