Iceland, it seems, is full of hidden poets (1 Viewer)


“The essential doesn't change.” Beckett
That's interesting. I'm paraphrasing here but it reminds me of what Bob Dylan once said. It's easy to write a song but it's hard to write a good song. The same applies to poetry too. That's being said I'm still willing to investigate Icelandic poetry....
What you say.
In the past hour I produced this one, which is my fourth oil-crayon ever since I got the sticks 2 weeks ago and am not happy with it, but then, I tell myself, I'm only beginning now and nobody taught me how to handle this technique.

However, I apologize, since I didn't intend to hijack this thread.
But then - I did it anyway.

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Thanks for the friendly reply.
I am both, unhappy because it is not exactgly what I want to make, but also a bit proud to get so close to what I want to do with only four attempts (and even my 3rd wasn't THAT bad, I think).
What I can definitely say by now is, that oil-crayons do feel like we both can get along together well, after we got to know each other a bit better.

still this is sort of hijacking the thread and doesn't feel too good.
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It's always okay to hijack the thread with art. It's the only way you'll get me to come participate.

Oil crayons are hard. Working with them is like having little battles all the way through your process; there's tension in handling the medium, they aren't "smooth," and they are messy - like dabbling in a murder scene, and trying to keep it neat and tidy as you go along. Lots of tension. That's what your artwork has, and that's great for only attempting it a few times. Very good! :)
Thank you esart.
I'm even much happier with my previous one, which was my 3rd attempt with oil-crayons.
In fact, this is pretty close to what I want to make.
Emphasis on the aspect of drawing rather than "painting" (by which I mean the use of putting full-colour on the whole thing).

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