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Black Swan

Abord the Yorikke!
I had watched Fear and Loathing several times, Gonzo, Breakfast with Hunter Thompson and finally bought my first Thompson book, although I had read excerpts here and there, and was quite amazed by his style and the person.
I paid 48. for a first ed. fourth printing of the hard cover version. Is that a fair price? The dust jacket is not great but there. The book itself is in good condition except but a small bumped corner. I am not sure why I did'nt buy a real cheap copy, but now it is done. I thought that I had bought a first ed. first printing, but not so, if it matters. The seller was not clear about the printing. I have no expertise in the matter. Did I pay too much?

Black Swan

Abord the Yorikke!
Thanks, James. I think my copy is pretty clean. It has the black top edge. It is not a book club edition. I still don't know if I paid too much, but with that information, I can look it up.


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I didn't get an email either.

I think maybe they are trying to entice registered users that haven't bought anything/much yet?
but I bought the Pogues and Thompson sets, so I bought just a few weeks ago...

Maybe it was just a random mailing... Maybe I'm not really all that special.



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Hunter is the only person in that room with any integrity, where are the audience off to next? a lynching perhaps, or how about seeing a man drag his wife around the studio by her hair,before beating her to a pulp.
PS - He also looks gorgeous!

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sorry, that's the 2nd time i fucked that up.

the full interview is only available on the CBC youtube channel.


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When I clicked that link the ghost of HST crashed not only the Salon page but this forum page too. It was very weird.

I just sprinkled some bourbon around the desk here and they came back up.


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