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I like the artwork... (1 Viewer)


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...in this copy of Dorbin's bibliography. Also, it's the first time I've seen (or heard of) a BSP title with a leather(?) backstrip instead of cloth.

Went ahead and posted this here since I seriously doubt that it will help to drive the price up. I'll be really surprised if he gets his asking price.
I've bought a couple of "minor" items from Scott over the past several months, and he indicated to me that he had several boxes to pull down at random to offer up here. This was a good six months ago at least.

Methinks that he must be getting to the bottom of the barrel. To offer such an item in this economy suggests that he may not have much left. But, I would bank on a few more choice items that most of us could never afford in the month or so to come. Just a hunch. I have no real knowledge of this.
That's funny, because I was thinking of how much I don't like that particular piece. :)

I was thinking "Wow, if I were JM, I would have picked a better piece than that for my publisher's copy." To me it just looks like a bunch of his random typical drawings that have been colored.

But, yeah, that's still a really nice book.


old and in the way
That's funny, because I was thinking of how much I don't like that particular piece. :)

Hmm, I guess I like it because it's not typical of the tipped-in artwork you find in most of the illustrated copies of his books. Also, I like his sketches. In fact, when he was signing and doing some sketches for me I made the comment that he had missed his calling and should have been a comic artist instead of a writer. I was joking, of course.


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if it's a publisher's copy, it means he got it separately from the stuff he was putting up a few months ago when you'd see 80 new items every sunday. martin's publishers copies are off the radar in terms of interesting variants - slipcases, leather bindings, etc. not every book, but there are a handful that he just went to town with. there's a mohammed mrabet book with a suede spine and matching suede slipcase that's really nice.

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