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Congratulation, Ninjerk! So, now you're old enough to enter a bar legally and follow in Buk's footsteps...:D
(you have to be 21 in the US to enter a bar, right?)
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Varies from bar to bar. Some bars allow 18-20 to enter, but they pay a cover fee (since they shouldn't be making money on them buying drinks).
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I see. 18-20 are allowed to enter if they pay an "entrance fee" so they can sit and enjoy a Coke or another kind of soda pop while they're waiting to turn 21 and can get a drink...
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Yeah, that's pretty much it. Mind you my only experience is in college towns. I suppose another reason they allow this is so girls that are 18-20 can come in (who are generally bought alcohol by the guys who want to go home with them).
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Happy Birthday Ninjerk

Alcohol consumption laws are sometimes at variance with alcohol serving laws (and ordinances).

For example, many live-music clubs host "18-and-over" shows where anyone eighteen years-old and above can come see the show. They both pay the same cover-charge. HOWEVER, only those 21+ are allowed to drink. This is enforced with color-coded wristbands ! You must respect the .07 cents worth of plastic attached to you by the music business - understand ?
Anyone remember the black magic marker "X's" that they would put on your hands if you were underage back in the day? You saw it more in punk clubs when they would have all ages shows and this would keep the kids from drinking.... It took days to wear off.

I know that it was big in D.C. and probably L.A.


I remember a big fat skinhead named shane would write 'wet' or 'dry' on the back of your hands. some of the underage guys that were already drunk would get shane to write 'dry' on their foreheads.
shane was always happy to comply. then he would stomp all over you in the mosh pit.
FYI, stay clear of shane in the mosh pit. actually, stay clear of the mosh pit. it's just not fitting for men of your age and standing.
Anyone remember the black magic marker "X's" that they would put on your hands if you were underage back in the day? You saw it more in punk clubs when they would have all ages shows and this would keep the kids from drinking.... It took days to wear off.
The "straight edge" punks would draw that X on their own hands - even when the club didn't require it, or they were old enough to drink - to demonstrate how holy they were.

In Minneapolis there was no X-ing of the hand. If you weren't old enough to drink you experienced the show from the sidewalk, or through the rare tiny window.

But yeah, I saw the X pretty frequently when we toured the Midwest and Northeast a lot back in the "hardcore" days of 80 - 83. Mostly as an indication of straight edge rather than a club restriction, but there you go.
Didn't realize straight edge was that old. There was a resurgence of sorts when I was in my senior year of highschool (almost 3 years ago now). They still write a small X now in some places and only give wristbands to the legals.
Here in Michigan, I think it was 1971 or 72, they changed the legal drinking age from 21 to 18 for about 3 years. this was a time when a great many 18 yr. olds were being slaughtered and mamed in the rice fields in veit nam. I guess that they figured if you were old enough to die for this country then you should at least have the privilege to get good and proper drunk in it first. maybe its time that they should do this again....
Happy birthday Ninjerk, hope you enjoyed the day (my 21st was in 1984 :() A bottle of rum is a good effort for one so tender in years :D

Drinking age here in Oz is 18 and has been for probably 40 years. In the 60's though, there was this absurd thing called the '6 o'clock swill' where pubs had to by law shut at 6pm sharp. All the workmen would pile into pubs across the country at 5pm on the dot and drink like fish for an hour. Then they'd go home for dinner somewhat drunk and abuse their wives for cooking something horrible masquerading as food. They'd smash the plate against the wall in disgust then storm out to go drink some more at a mate's place
Congratulations. Take it easy, you got a lot of miles ahead.

When I was eighteen, we were able to drink, as they had lowered the age from twenty one. People were able to go and die in Vietnam, but were unable to buy a beer. So, I guess they figured they would let the kids drink.

When I was stationed in Virginia, you had to be twenty one to get "hard liquor" but could purchase and be served beer if you were eighteen.

It was weird, but we had pretty good drugs back then, and that certainly compensated for the slight. No idea what the poor bastards over in the Middle East are doing for recreational consumption these days.

We had the hand stamps as well.
The kids don't hit the bars/pubs round here. They tend to nick the booze and head for the kids playground or shop fronts, hurling abuse and leaving smashed glass all about the place.

Aahh, the good old days
Thanks Father Luke
I'm saving all my groupie points for Britney-someone has to save her so it may as well be me.
I saw them (X) in Toronto with the Blasters I think. I thought John Does stoic stage persona was pretty cool. I'm glad to hear they are still slugging it out. Man what a tough life that must be.
The Blasters were a great live band. I saw them several times here in L.A., always opening for punk bands like Black Flag. They were invariably the highlight of the show.

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