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any iggy pop fans here? he is one of my favorite musicians. RAW POWER by the stooges was a relentlessly vicious album. i love listening to the stooges and iggy's solo work.he is such an energetic and interesting guy.

RUN LIKE A VILLAIN and PUMPING FOR JILL are two amazing songs.
Raw Power is one of my all time favourite albums, it's been more than 30 years since its release, and still it hasn't lost any of the edge. Raw Power is loud, agressive, possessed by a wild energy and sheer contempt for authority, just like true rock n' roll is.


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Not including box sets and my Iggy/Stooges records, these are my Iggy Cd's. I've been reorganizing lately, so they're all out. Anyway yup, I happen to think Iggy is one of the best. I think Jack White described them best when describing "Fun House" by saying "the record's passion, attitude, power, emotion and destruction are incalculable."

I think that sums Iggy Pop or Iggy & The Stooges, or The Stooges depending one what you like.



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Funhouse is the pinnacle, where Iggy and/or the Stooges are concerned (and where that kind of we're-about-to-crash-into-that-brick-wall-and-I'm-okay-with-that-FTW! music is concerned, for that matter). Everything he did after that is less than, which is a drag, you know, when your best record is only your second record. Where do you go from there? It's kind of like releasing your first single, having it go to number one then for the rest of your life having everyone who ever meets you say, "Why can't you make another good song like that?"

I always find it puzzling when someone says they prefer Raw Power, which sounds like a million starving hamsters high on quaaludes and angel dust going around in a cement mixer, and eating each other in a desperate attempt to survive the unsurvivable. The only way you could prefer Raw Power to Funhouse is if you never heard Funhouse, which I believe is the case much of the time.

When you see the 90 year old Iggy today, shirtless and gingerly flinging himself about all out of breath, it the Funhouse-era Iggy Stooge he's trying to channel and sell to a new generation, and it's just kind of sad for a lot of reasons (not sad like Rolling Stones sad, but almost). But it's good that he's finally taking some of the money.

RIP/FTW Ron Asheton!



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Funny thing, beyond probably not hearing funhouse, I'm not sure most have heard raw power all the way through. It's that bitchin' ass cover of raw power that makes it soooo memorable. At least that's what I think. Iggy as a solo artist definitely leaves you with a funny taste in the mouth, or ear. There are a few good songs here and there, but it's definitely the stooges countless demos, alt versions etc that kept me such an Iggy fan all this time.

P.S. for any Iggy fan that doesn't own the funhouse sessions box set, you're missing out on a gem. Rhino has re-released it and it's $119.00. It's just not numbered like the original box, but who cares, $119.00 is a good deal for this 7-cd set.
Funhouse is the pinnacle
I strongly disagree, and believe it or not, i love funhouse too :). I think they just have diferent styles, that's one of things i like so much about the stooges, if you listen the debut album, funhouse and raw power, you will notice there's a progression, a crescendo, the sound changes, which i think it's something always good. So for me Raw Power is really the best one, because you really can't go beyond that, it's really totally out of control record, Iggy said he had more control over the recording of Raw Power, which i think makes sense, because that was the sound he was going for right from the beginning, it was a natural progression to the band. But i guess, at the end of the day, it's just matter of personal preference, both were extremely influential albums, even someone who doesn't like those records, can't deny that.


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Raw Power [...] totally out of control record.
On the contrary, Raw Power is a totally controlled record, which is one of the reasons it is inferior to Funhouse. Funhouse was recorded live in the studio. It is a band playing. Raw Power is not really a Stooges record at all, since James Williamson is playing guitar on it, and he was a late addition, and not, as the kids say, a Stooge.

Iggy and James Williamson made some great records (the I Got a Right/Gimme Some Skin single comes to mind), but Raw Power sounds different because it's a different band. Note that when Iggy was putting the Stooges back together 5 or 6 years ago, he didn't call James Williamson, he called Ron Asheton.

But all that aside, Raw Power is inferior to Funhouse musically, and unquestionably sonically, and I think that has to do with the personnel changes (music) and a shitty tin-ear mix by an obviously very, very high David Bowie (sonics). It's not a matter of personal preference. One is almost unlistenable (Raw Power) and the other is one of the 5 or 10 best rock albums ever made. That's just fact, jim. Accept it and move on. It's what Jesus wants you to do. And remember, Jesus loves the Stooges.

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maybe i shouldn't have been, but i was surprised when i first saw this on TV.

[Dead link to a video]

he must need the money.


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I don't think need necessarily enters in to it when they start dangling those million dollar checks in front of you. Want, maybe.

What's surprising about that is what most people must think when they see it: Who the hell is that?
It's not a matter of personal preference. One is almost unlistenable (Raw Power) and the other is one of the 5 or 10 best rock albums ever made. That's just fact, jim. Accept it and move on. It's what Jesus wants you to do. And remember, Jesus loves the Stooges.
What a great away to persuade someone, you are right and i'm wrong, seriously are you like 5 years old? I stil think Raw Power is better, if you can't stand that, well tough luck. I don't care :).
In the company of junkies Raw Power is the one to go with. Liquored up with the gas pedal pressed firmly to the mat Funhouse can't be beat. All a matter of personal preference for circumstance and inertia.

I work with a lot of knuckle-dragging tough guys in my job and had a kick once making one of them piss themselves when I dropped Down On the Street on them and opened it up going 120 + on the highway with both of us a bit cooked. Shameful to do so and in no way advocate such reckless behavior to others.


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Look what I found. At the god damn Longhorn, 1979! I bet mjp's in the fuckin footage too. The zelig of Minneapolis?

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There's a really clear version of that video on the station's website.

I bet mjp's in the fuckin footage too.
Ha ha. Sure, why would I be...oh, wait...


There's Iggy signing my Metallic KO t-shirt, now that you mention it.

Zelig, no. I'm much better looking. I mean, look at me.

But really, if you lived in the twin cities and were into a certain kind of music or a certain kind of lifestyle, you'd see the same little group of people everywhere you went. We were all at everything, because...well, what else were we going to do? Go duck hunting?


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Well, Iggy once wrote me a rambling thank you letter for writing to him. That's as close as I got. Framed & hung in the bathroom for about ten years.

I once drank champagne that was a gift from Keith Richards to their touring trombone player. And once met Westerberg. He complained that I was wearing a fake (i.e. not an officially licensed ) Let It Be t-shirt. "Oh, where'd you get that shirt?" Signed it anyway. Next yr gonna tell me you went to grade school with him or something like that? Or dated his sister? Or actually co-wrote a song with him?

But hell, you win the internet today. Iggy fuckin' Pop. Jesus fuckin' Christ.


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When I was a yout dem, I thought it was cool to meet these people, and I went out of my way to ambush musicians wherever I could find them. But eventually I came to the conclusion that it's better not to meet your heroes. Or maybe I just stopped having heroes, that could be it. I lived in Los Angeles for the last 10 years of Bukowski's life, but I never tried to meet him. And it wasn't hard to do that if you were determined. Ultimately it would have been disappointing, I think.

It's not like anything happens. Even when you get to hang out for a while with someone you think is cool or great or famous. It doesn't really mean anything. It's all just a blip of nothing in the universe. A bunch of old man rocking chair stories. I'd rather sit in my living room with Justine and Jordan and drink Jordan's expensive scotch while bullshitting about things. Or do an incoherent, rambling podcast with Hosho while his wife and kid are in the next room with Carol wondering just how drunk we're going to get. Or look at the sky with the neighbor.

Actually, my neighbors are insane, so maybe insert someone else there. You get the point.


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Yeah, I think I get it but I think there are only a few I'd ever want to me. Strummer was one. Never happened. Iggy's another.
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