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Inscribed first edition paperbacks (1 Viewer)

A group of inscribed paperbacks were just auctioned off on eBay. I haven't seen a mention of these and thought they were mildly interesting. The books belonged to Bill Barisoff. Barisoff was an agent for jockeys who passed away in August. Most of the inscriptions have a horse/track theme and are signed "Hank Charles Bukowski," which is unusual. In one case, he even signed it "Hank Bukowski," which I don't recall ever seeing before. The title pages in color are first editions.

That's a way cool collection! How much did it sell for?
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They all seemed to be in pretty worn condition. Normally, condition is king, but the inscriptions made that rule kind of moot.
Thanks, Bill! - That's not too steep a price, I think, because they do have some great inscriptions. It's just too bad if the collection was split up and sold to seven different people, but on the other hand, not many can afford to buy them all, especially not in the bad economy we have nowadays.
My favorite inscriptions are those on the 'South of No North', and, 'Barfly' copies.
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Maybe "Hank Charles Bukowski" is not so unusual after all, but NYMark also refered to The Roominghouse Madrigals, which is signed "Hank Bukowski." Indeed, that looks rare to me.

Damn, damn, and damn; I've been out of the collection loop for a few months - I would have liked to have scored one or two of these.
I have one of these books. I have the Madrigals...
I am considering putting it back on Ebay soon but I was wondering how it would do...

As you said, it's signed Hank Bukowski and I've never seen that before...

What do you guys think of its worth?
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