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Bah, I really wanted to hide this thread, because that stuff is staying low at the moment, but I'd feel like an asshole trying to cover it up.

And I already blew it for some of you with my big mouth about another auction, so I guess this is my payback. ;)

The gem in there, for me anyway, is the unopened copy of 90 Minutes In Hell - I've never seen a brand new copy of that for sale.
funny, now I imagine most of us silently watching interesting items like these ones -not saying a word here, though- and bidding for them at the last very SECOND... only to find out we've been outbid by someone we know from this forum and then thinking: "goddamned forum!" :D
I'll definitely be thinking that sometimes. Heh. But I'd rather lose to this bunch than TMF.
That's probably an average price for that. Funny how TMF knows where to stop with that, but not with anything else. Maybe he's reading these forums. I did send him a link. Heh.
yeah, i know
same seller....
should i go for it?
save on shipping....
I think the letter is worth more than what I paid, according to ABE anyway

Let me know cirerita,
and yes, i did snipe
(it's free, but i'm allowed only 3 a week)
ABE prices aren't the cheapest ones around, but then again...

actually, I'm not that knowledgeable as far as ebay prices are concerned. mjp could help you out on this one... if he reads this within those 20 minutes!
not that I know of. but, according to many poems, he also went to Spain more than once.... but that happened in his imagination only, of course.
Yeah, higher than I wanted to pay for,...
But still think the 2 are a bargain.
Christ, just sold Scarlet for an unbelievable amount
(more than she is worth)
So guess have to assume these 2 are replacing her.

Just sent him an e-mail,
Asking for a COA for both.

Otherwise, he can offer a 2nd chance to next highest bidder,
I don't want to get scammed.
Those are good prices for the letters.

It's funny, the letters used to be very undervalued (I thought), considering they are one of a kind originals, and usually have at least one or two interesting tidbits of information in them. Now they seem to be up around the same price as the better poem manuscripts, which is as it should be.

This is the one I really wanted. But $900 is too rich for me:


Now zoom man, you realize we need good scans of those for the manuscripts section... ;)
mjp said:
Now zoom man, you realize we need good scans of those for the manuscripts section... ;)

You certainly don't need to ask,
Consider it done....

I am accepting contributions to afford these:D

I'm not even a fan of Steve Richmonds,
I don't think.
Can't remember ever reading him, and now the seller has told me Steve is living in a bus somewhere in Kali
zoom man said:
the seller has told me Steve is living in a bus somewhere in Kali
He may be living on a bus, but I don't think it's due to poverty. He had a house a few hundred feet from the beach in Santa Monica, and I heard he sold it for quite a bit of dough to some developer who put up a condo or hotel or something...
B always criticized Richmond because he apparently lived off his parents properties. He certainly lived in a big place when I interviewed him.
Yeah, I don't imagine he's suffering much out there in his bus somewhere. Well, not from lack of money, anyway. He may suffer from other things.
Ouch. thats unlucky. his $151.51 bid from the day before was his max - otherwise it would have gone up to 152.00 or 155.00 - depending on the system increment.

couldn't have been much closer.

do you know if the tracks on that album are the same as those on the 70 minutes CD, and where the other 20 mins might have ended up?
The other 20 minutes haven't appeared anywhere else as far as I can tell.

Yeah, I noticed that his high bid was only $1.51 above mine, which is funny, because I hardly ever do round amounts like $150. Always go a little above, for that very reason.

I think $150 was too much anyway, so I was kind of glad he took it. The only reason I went that high was because it's still sealed. Haven't seen a virgin copy before. But another one will show up, it's inevitable. heh.

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