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Yep: that fake Buk was obvious - utter shit. Did anyone catch that copy of Women on ebay this morning? Went to a "Buy it now" buyer - gutted, I am. I never seem to catch the good stuff & stuff I want.

I want a copy of Buk with bird & sun doodle (wouldn't mind a dog, either - but bird & dog is top of list). Any going here?


Cheers for that, but Hell 'n' FUCK, as soon as I read your response the bloody thing had been sold AGAIN!!!!!!

Oh well.


Buk forgery still up....


Here is the link for others looking to report this seller. He replied to me and Zoom Man that he would remove the listing, but now he has a bid. I guess that he feels that it is easy money at this point. I let him know that it is far better to pull it than to have ebay pull it along with all of his other listings....

That is what they usually do in these cases.



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