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i browsed through the threads
and saw lots of individuals created
threads of personal introductions for themselves.
i thought a single thread for this purpose
would be more appropriate for all

i'll start out by introducing myself
46 yrs, male, so. california native
i've been a huge fan of bukowski for years
and am thrilled to discover this forum
thanks for creating it

Thanks for showing up, bongobill, we've been waiting for you.

Not really, but that kind of freaked you out when you read it, didn't it? ;)

Hi Bongobill,

This is the BEST forum on the net. That being said it will be TRULY great if more people get involved. I still think that this forum has a much higher number of active participants over other forums that I have seen where they have 2000 members, but only 5 people posting actively...


Welcome bongobill! - You have come to the right place. This is the best Bukowski site on net - no kidding!

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