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Is this legal? (1 Viewer)

no, it is 100% illegal. Still, they will keep doing it until the estate gets their VEro rights from ebay.

I'm just now sure what lunkhead would put up a 20" x 29" cover of Pulp on their wall. Better to put up a photo of Buk, if you are a fan. Better yet, frame a broadside.

I'm just not sure what lunkhead would put up a 20" x 29" cover of Pulp on their wall.

Thanks, Bill.

I can only imagine that kids who earn fast money would buy such a piece of toiletpaper.

Concerning Buk stuff, I don't check ebay quite often, is there a lot of illegality out there?
Does eBay make any attempt to shut down such auctions?

Ebay makes no attempts for a somewhat good reason. They have no way to know that these are not authorized. What if the estate authorized a person to make a large posted of the cover of PULP and ebay shut it down? They rely on the owner to certify their rights. Once that is done, it only takes an e-mail to ebay stating that the following auctions are illegal and they shut it down. Of course, some people will pop back up, but probably 95% of the items would go away immediately. Ebay will suspend a person for violating the VeRO policy, so it would really clean things up. I'm just not sure that the estate is all that worried about this. It would take action on their part to prove that they are the copyright holders and then they have all of the control.

Members on another artist's forum I belong to are pretty militant about alerting the artist's management company when an unauthorized item gets posted on eBay. The number of bootlegs and forgeries is really kept to a minimum b/c of this, so collectors are pretty confident when they bid.

But, yes - unless you're a company like Warner Bros. that has a department dedicated to trolling auction sites for VeRO violations, the only way items are gonna get pulled are if complaints are filed.
Ebay will not pull bootleg items because you tell them they are bootleg. Only the VERO owner can do this. We have talked about this before here and most people believe that people selling shitty t-shirts are not that big a deal as it takes a special kind of douche bag to buy a poorly made Bukowski shirt with the words "Fuck Off" on it...

I would think that Harper Collins (Ecco) has a staff of people protecting their investments, but maybe not.

i think not. those images are not in the public domain. there are a lot of pirates on ebay. it may take the estate pressing charges to stop it.
It would be funny to start a thread here of "You in Your Bukowski Fuck Off T-Shirt", where people post photos of their distinguished selves in their rip-off T-shirts, just to see who stumbles in. And we'd all tell them how cool they are.

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