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hi there,
Interested in buying this for my boyfriend for Christmas. Trying to figure out if it is signed and drawn by bukowski! If any one has any input, I'd be grateful to hear it!

Thank you!
I would buy a signed and numbered Bukowski book from Black Sparrow Press instead. That way you know you're getting a genuine Bukowski signature plus a great Bukowski book.
i think it's legit, just hurried. the seller posts here, so maybe he'll respond.

on a semi-related note, does it help sales to withold the titles of the books? it drives me crazy when i'm trying to browse, but if it works, i can't complain.
Thank you forum members for the feedback for Kristen -- I send people here to get your opinions and I don't want to influence it by interfering. Plus, it's more fun for you that way. And I don't have any animosity for anyone who questioned this one, because that's what we/you are supposed to do.

Kristen actually bought the copy, so I'll just provide some more details.

I bought this one from Derringer Books a while back, so I think we can agree that's a reliable source.

As for the sloppiness, this is 1992, getting near the end, and I think we've all seen how the signatures get a little messy depending upon the day of the week -- he's dying, but he's trying to produce more than ever. My guess is that the publisher (like those that came before him) got Buk to sign a few copies to add to the authenticity of the magazine/issue.

Derringer actually sold me two different issues with signatures and I'm adding the other here, which looks a little different considering the limited time frame in between. But I've looked at a lot of his signatures and I believe 100% these are legit and was mainly due to his health But again, I send people here to get your opinion, not mine.

And thanks again for the people who responded to her post and every other post that's not mine. It's really important. We don't see many fakes here, but people are putting out hard earned money and it's really great that you guys take the time to help them feel secure about the purchase -- because Bukowski would have pissed on the concept of the COA. You are the COA and I don't think he'd piss on that. Then again, maybe he would...


I agree it's a sloppy signature, but my signed copy of New Censorship Vol 3 No 1 has a very similar signature in the exact same location. It's a good one. But you already knew that.
here's another one.
maybe we can get a full run of signed 'New Censorship's here.
would be fun.
but of course - would also be a new thread. maybe mods move...

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