IT IS HOT AS FUCK!!!!!!!!!! (1 Viewer)

Last week it was in the 100s here, but tonight, for some reason, it is HOT AS FUCK, I concur. Hotter than last Thursday and Friday. We have central air conditioning and I was still sweating on the couch tonight (watching The Path on Hulu).
I don't know who our members are who live in Chicago, but please give us hope. It'seems another horrible night here, but Charlotte ain't no Chicago. I lived in DC from 89 to 92 when it was the shit hole of the universe, but Chicago was always wanting to take that title back. Cold as fuck in the winter, hot as he'll in the summer, and plenty of time to kill people in between. No way to explain it or fix it. This is our America, like it or not. Hot time, summer in the city.
It's been HOT AS FUCK all last week and most of this week here in Philly. Going to Canada on holiday this Sunday. Sure as hell hope it's cooler.

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