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Just finished reading my new mint signed copy of Fire Station and in the aftermath of my excitement of having added this missing piece to my collection, thought I would spread the joy to others who can appreciate. Mark
man I bet you paid an arm and a leg for that thing too...

I'm envious though so the desired effect of this thread was achieved.
Good work and I hope you enjoy these forums as much as we do.
I'll just say again, if you keep your eyes open on places like ebay, and you don't need mint condition signed copies of things, you can pick up those rarities. They may be a little (or a lot) fucked up, but if you can live with that, you can get your hands on them. I think I paid $60 for Fire Station, and a little under $200 for It Catches. They are out there!
nice pick up mjp....i'm guessing smognet ebayer is you...well done...
holy fuck I'm jealous, but happy you got it.
I wasn't expecting to get it, really, since I only put down the minimum bid, but I guess no one else noticed it. It's pretty ragged, but that's fine by me.
You should have, man! Heh. You need to set up a sniping service that bids at the last second for you. Then you could come wave your win in my face. ;)

are you serious there? I mean, is there kind of "sniping" service which bids for you at the last second in case you can't do it??? I'm not a big Ebay user, but 2 or 3 times I lost a bid to someone who had made his bid earlier on!!!
Yes, there are any number of sniping programs and services, and I think I've gone through all of them. If you only want to use it occasionally, I've had good luck with this one: http://hammertap.auctionstealer.com/home.cfm

You sign up and provide your ebay user/pass and they give you 3 free snipes a week. Their goal, of course, is to sell you a "premium" service, but I've used only their free sniping service, so far without a hitch.

Sniping is not against ebay rules, and to me, it's the only bidding method that makes sense. Bidding the first day of the auction only drives prices up (great if you're the seller, not so great if you're a bidder). I sell on ebay sometimes too, so sniping benefits me and hurts me. It all evens out I suppose.

The caveat with sniping is you have to enter the maximum you would pay (and be prepared to lose), because obviously if you bid in the final seconds you don't get a second chance. It's a one-shot deal.
Yeah, I know, it's probably dangerous to give away any ebay tips here, to this bunch, of all people, but what the hell. I've bid and lost far more than I've bid and won, so I go into each auction figuring I'll lose.

One thing I've learned in 8 years of buying on ebay, there's always another -- whatever it is. You might think, "this is the only time I'll EVER see this on ebay!" But it's usually not. As long as you remember that, you can do fine on there.
yeah thats whats so great about ebay. things come and things go, you win some, you lose some. i always just enter the max bid that I wont go over and if nobody beats it, i was meant to have it.

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