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Suicide is painless or so they say.... but what if....

to be honest I would rather youngsters worship dead poets than dead rockstars
-When will it end?

Last week I talked to a guy that was one of the 29 people to survive a jump off the Golden Gate Bridge. His name was John Hines. He said it hurt like hell. He is writing a book called "Chronicles of a Psychotic Mind". I can hardly wait. Suicide can all teach us something.

everybody gota die someday
I remember reading Courtney Love (they've always got to blame someone, haven't they?) got Kurt on the smack after he was having extreme stomach pains caused by an ulcer. That was a while after he got famous, supposedly. If anyone cares.
Very true. Though given that he was a part of the 90s music scene, he probably would have ended up on heroin anyway... See Layne Staley, Axl Rose (yeah, 80s I know, whatever), the first singer for Pearl Jam, that guy from Sublime... uh... there's probably more. But heroin seems to be THE drug for 90s rockers...

Also, Cobain had bad stomach problems as a result of scoliosis, which was aggravated by guitar playing... I imagine he'd have od'd on heroin eventually.

Courtney Love is a whore, a tramp, an awful singer, a terrible wife, and an awful mother (not to mention more than likely a murderer, or at least an accomplice), but she didn't necessarily get Cobain on drugs herself...

Why couldn't she have stuck with Billy Corgan?
If Courtney really wrote Live Through This, and i guess there's some debate, she created my favorite album of the 90's-performed and sang pretty great on it, anyways. Really liked Nirvana but this tops it for me. Don't really care if she's a good mommy or wifey.

I don't think Axl was on the H, it was Slash.
Anyone see pictures of Axl with cornrows? He needs to get back on the H. and lose the cornrows....



p.s. I hear that he is a poetic genius. All of his songs can be read as poems and they stand alone as the greatest poetry ever written.... ugh....


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Courtney Love is a whore, a tramp, an awful singer, a terrible wife, and an awful mother (not to mention more than likely a murderer, or at least an accomplice),

couldn't agree more. she was a talent parasite. i think she was the last straw of misery for him - realizing the hell he got himself into with her and the inevitable separation/divorce nightmare pushed him over the edge.
If Courtney really wrote Live Through This, and i guess there's some debate, she created my favorite album of the 90's-performed and sang pretty great on it, anyways.
Agreed. They were a credible punk band, that album kicked ass, and she was a natural performer. Was.

Anyone who thinks her influence was enough to kill Cobain is mistaken though. In my ever humble opinion. His problems were terminal long before he met her. Now, like Bukowski, maybe his life could have been extended somewhat had he paired up with a different kind of person. But even then, his story likely would have ended the same way it did.
His problems were terminal long before he met her.

true but i think she helped speed up the process.
i defy any reasonable person to spend any amount of time with her and not want to off themselves
There was a website once, that took the debate on who wrote Live Through This the whole 9 yards. There were samples of riffs, chords and choruses from live Nirvana bootlegs, that showed some of those riffs on Live Through were being played by Kurt years before. I didn't bother to look, the site may still be around. I just remember after reading about the debate and browsing that site, I was convinced Kurt had a way bigger hand in writing that album then he was ever given credit for. Though I don't think he cared about the credit.
I wouldn't be surprised if Cobain had more than a little influence on the music of Live Through This but I tend to think she wrote the lyrics and that and her performance make the record for me. And I agree that it seems Kurt was heading that way without Love's help, I think fame did him in if anything.
I don't think Axl was on the H,[...].
I'd rather say I don't think he was only on the H.

All your bad words on Courtney Love remind me of what Mickey Rourke quickly answered to a journalist who was asking him whether it was true he was dating with her. Something like "I'd prefer to be on a desert island with a monkey". :D
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Maybe you could write a musical about it -- get Axl to write the music. Just an idea.
Judging from the songs and lyrical content on Chinese Democracy I'd say it would only take Axl about a week to write it. All of the topics on Chinese Democracy seem to deal with two breakups: The breakup of the orignial GNR and Axl's breakup with Stephanie Seymour. Those two events happened back in like 1994....

Now recording it, on the other hand would probably take him 20 years.
Kurt burning all of his Bukowski books remind me of what Jimi Hendrix did at Monterey '67. While reading this thread through, I was surprised that noone come up with this suggestion. I take Kurt's action to be in the very same league. Jimi loved to play guitar and loved that particular instrument as well and as we know, he played guitars well after the incident - it was merely not an act of departure from playing guitar but for the average eye what else it could mean? According to him, the whole act served as a cleansing from the subject of his idolization/passion and what this instrument meant for him in order to be able to renew the connections established between them years before this event and elevate it to another level (can't remember source now). In this sense, Kurt's confession in my view should be read just like that and I have a feeling he got the idea clearly being inspired by these actions of Jimi and similarly made such an event out of it concerning his subject of idolization. The expression, "Kill Your Idol" is based on this very same notion but that would take us much farther from here...

On the other hand, Axl was indeed a big fan of Bukowski. Mick Wall gave several Bukowski books to him during 1989 when he was interviewing him and according to Axl, as stated in the book, he was consuming them as quickly as possible. You can read on all this in Mick Wall's book concerning GN'R, "The World Most Dangerous RN'R Band".
I think you are reading way too much into what was only a theatrical stunt. He burned more than one guitar, you know, and he did it at Monterey in order to upstage the Who, or more specifically, Pete Townshend, who put on a destructive demonstration of his own right before Hendrix went on. That was Hendrix's first big U.S. show, and he wanted people to remember him. I guess it worked.

Later, when he got tired of all the hippies asking him why, he may have invented a groovy story to tell them, but he had no such cosmic reasons at the time.
I see what you mean and you're right. But even if Hendrix told several reasons about him doing it, I remember his recollections of the event which were told in one of the documentaries, caught on video and it did not look to be a thing made-up on the scene or before and he evidently looked to be very much serious about this. What you lined up as main motifs behind this act are surely true but that doesn't exclude the other side of the coin.

Edit: we gotta get that video to get into it furthermore...

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