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I think it's too late, but damn, that quote. If all poetry mags set their expectations that clearly, editors would have to go through a lot less crap. Or maybe not -- the clueless are not called that for no reason. Thanks for sharing ... where'd you find it?
5,000 copies is a lot for a little magazine. Anyone know how many were actually printed? It can't be that high a number. Copies don't come on the market that often.
You got that right, Rekrab. Most of the littles had circulations in the hundreds, not thousands. Buk was probably just being optimistic.
The quote at the bottom is great. Anyone know if it was taken from elsewhere or was this its original context.
Great flyer. I've never seen it before. Thanks for sharing...
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That's cool as hell. Thank you Cirerita. I take it the magazine never got off the ground. Does anyone know the particular reasons ? (Sorry - I haven't read any Buk biographies.)
Well there were 3 issues of Laugh.... And I think that being an editor publisher just wasn't Bukowski's forte - most of the submissions seem to have disgusted him. Not surprising really - he doesn't often have kind or encouraging words for other writers, established or otherwise, in his poems, stories and letters.
If you've ever edited a little magazine or judged a poetry contest, you'll soon see that 95% of what you get is sheer crap, very bad, and another 3 or 4 percent is just okay. Good poems are scarce, great ones extremely rare.
I agree with David 100%. The problem is that some is good, but not to my taste. Those are the tough ones to reject. The easy ones are the spam submissions of rhyming poems about how Jesus is LORD. Those break two of my very few submission guidelines.

I can imagine that the last thing that Buk would have wanted to do is read the type of submissions that you get when you do an open call for submissions.

Small Press Review is a great resource and Led Fulton is a small press hero, but the only down side is that there are poets that start at "A" and work their way to "Z" sending submissions. It would be better to target the audience. I can't tell you how many submissions that I get mention that they bought and LOVE my magazine. The only problem is that I cannot believe them all as I have not sold enough to explain it. I think that they are trying for an "in", not having done the research.

With someone like Bukowski, I cannot understand why he would not have just asked the people that he liked to submit. It seems that the open call was something that was destined to fail with him.

I was reading the intro B. wrote to My Face in Wax, and there it was. The quote, that is.

I didn't know what that was, so I looked it up.

"My Face in Wax" by Jory Sherman, introduction by Charles Bukowski, illustrated by Bobbie Blume, Windfall Press (Chicago), 1965

Now I know. Thanks for identifying the source cirerita.

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