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What library was most frequented by Bukowski? If someone wanted to go there and channel vibrations from him, where would that be? Was it on 5th St? What is the cross street? By the way, it was 20 years ago and a day that Charles Bukowski passed away. No wonder I am hearing his voice calling to me.
the first library he went to before he wrote his first short story was the Baldwin Hills branch, 2906 S. LaBrea Ave. He probably did a lot of his formative reading there.
The Central Library is on 5th (you can also enter on Hope), but if you're looking for authentic vibes, you should probably look elsewhere.

Some idiot set a fire in the Central Library in the mid 80s and burned up a quarter of a million books. It was closed for almost 10 years for renovation, so while it's open again now, it is not the same place it was before.
By the way, it was 20 years ago and a day that Charles Bukowski passed away.
You might want to check that date again.
It's funny, because Los Angeles has such a cliched reputation as being shallow, but man, when that library burned, people around here were beside themselves with anger (because it was arson) and grief.
I lived on S. Bonnie Brae St. for years, which was about a 15 minute walk to the Central Library. I spent many an unemployed afternoon going from the library to the Grand Central Market on Broadway. The Bradbury building is also close to there, which I don't think Buk ever mentioned in his writing.

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