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And that's how I found this site. Liked Bukowski for years, had a friend who introduced me, he by chance met CB's daughter, I guess at a library while CB was still alive.

I really did not expect to find info on the Becker character -- sad but not unexpected to read that he perished in ww2 -- that often happens to characters in books. I also googled the street address of the house CB lived in and discovered that someone had bought it and there is even a website but the site seems not to have been updated in nearly a decade.

I read a bio of him maybe 25 years ago or so and I don't recall now about Becker in it, but they had quite a bit of info about some of his exes and girlfriends. One of them, not too surprisingly since CB himself would be over 100 would herself be almost 115. His prose seems so modern it is hard to realize how long ago some of the things he wrote about occurred. All of his classmates and friends would be over 100. The little kid he played that boxing game with would himself be 90 or so.

I am anxious to explore this site, hope to chat with people here also.
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