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been using this site for research for years. haven't really had much to say that hasn't already been said. but i just want you all to know, how much this site has meant to me and all the valuable information that you all give. this is the most priceless site on the web. for that i am grateful.

i joined up tonight because i have hit dead end after dead end with trying to get in touch with certain people to interview or to find out who owns the rights for this or that. i feel like i need to be in the belly of the beast now. LOL.

i am a poet (shocker), run a small press (Poetic Anarchy Press) and have a podcast, the I Hate Matt Wall Poetry Podcast. I live in Westlake LA about 700 ft from Buk's address there in the red brick building on Ocean View. Walking his streets is a surreal thing for me.

I run a Bukowski Book Club on youtube on my channel and couldn't do that very well without all the great resources on this site. so thanks again and hope to chat with you all soon.

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