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Looking to Trade Buk (1 Viewer)


i am looking to trade a slightly worn first edition paperback of "South of No North". Will accept all reasonable offers. Also, on a completely different, but exactly the same note, I am looking for a couple early chapbooks, broadsides and early poetry books and will trade a bunch of BoSP stuff to get it. I also have some doubles of Buk books, but not enough to trade for anyone that would have anything on this list, save a few items. I know that it is a long shot that anyone here has these and is willing to trade, but I am always looking for the following:

Another Academy (1970)
Aftermath of a Lengthy Rejection Slip (1982)
An Answer to a Critic of Sorts (1970)
All the Assholes in the World and Mine (1966)
Blow 6 (1984) - The orange cover
Bukowski Sampler (1969) true first in orange wraps
The Cage (1987)
The Days Run Away (1969) Hardback signed first
Face of a Political Candidate on a Street Billboard (1975)
Flower, Fist & Bestial Wail (1960). Yeah, I know.....
In the Shadow of the Rose (1991)
Longshot Pomes for Broke Players (1962)
Mockingbird Wish Me Luck (1972) HARDBACK SIGNED First
Poems & Drawings (1962). Of course, I need this one!
Post Office (1971) Signed first Hardback
Scarlet (1976) HB signed first
2 by Bukowski (1967)
You kissed Lilly (1978) signed HB 1st

I am also missing a few of the rarer broadsides (Winter, Note Upon a Workshop Instructor), the Burn Again books, and some of the Montfort photo books. I am also, of course missing all of the early black sparrow broadsides and "the curtains", but I'm not concentrating on those now.

I know that is a longshot, but can not hurt to put it out there....


Bill... I've got a copy of the (orange) Bukowski Sampler that I'd probably be willing to trade. I'm off to work for the moment, but PM me and I'll respond at some point later today...
I've got a copy of aftermath... No 4, signed (obviously) and a little drawing of a bottle.

I'd rather sell it though than trade it...
Yeah, money is tight and I have sworn that I would never buy a copy of that broadside. Not sure why I put it there. I am not a fan of the publisher and he does not like me either....


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