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Luck (Gray cover 4.5" X 4") (1 Viewer)

Printed January 1987 as a New Years Greeting for the friends of Black Sparrow Press.
226 numbered copies of this edition have been handbound in boards and numbered and signed by the author.

$375 (OBO) Paypal gift, cash, check, MO
300+ feedback as Clyde the Pointer on ebay



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My suggestion would be to keep them, since I don't think you'll get what you're looking for out of them. Then again, if you put them up on eBay you never know what will happen.

The group of 20 sold at the auction for $2000, but only 10 of those were signed. I'd say that you could extrapolate a bundle price from there, but you really can't, since the individual copies - signed and lettered, just like yours - didn't even get $50 to open bidding. I think that group of 20 only sold for that amount because of a bidding war.

Of the 25 unsold lots in the auction, 9 were New Years Greetings. If someone would have made the opening bid on all of those they could have got 9 signed, lettered NYGs for $450. But no one wanted them even for that price.

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