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anyone seen this? - saw it on Spotify - looks like a mish-mash of stuff from various audio sources.

btw the "Riot" recording is on spotify but for some reason the pitch is slowed down so he sounds like andre the giant.

holy crap i haven't seen that! amazing! thanks!

is there a way to play each release the whole way without having to click on each separate track?
Hmm. There is, it didn't occur to me to link to them that way though. Some might be split between two accounts, I'll have to check. But the answer is yes.

As an example, here's a link to play 90 Minutes in Hell in sequence:

(Have to post it that way or the forum tries to insert a play widget.)
Yeah, a few are split, but these should play all the way through:

I'll have to look and see if a playlist can be made across two different accounts.
Soundcloud has been on the brink before, I wouldn't consider it a reliable host.

@Hannah if you need help resurrecting these let me know.
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Hey :)

I am searching for a sound file of the poem often called father or my father. the text goes (if i remember correctly):

My father was…
one can of beer
A day at the ballgame
A color tv
A lawn to mow
A son in college
A pool table
A power saw
A workbench
A joke about sex
A child to scream at and maybe to hate
A door to lock
A bank to visit
Four pairs of shoes
A light suit, a dark suit
A deck of cards
Hospital insurance
Life insurance
An inner spring mattress
A talking barber
Memories of war
A diploma
An attic
Fire insurance
A pet dog
A pet cat
A camera tape recorder
A Christmas eve
A chicken dinner
A thanksgiving dinner
A Sunday drive
Garbage disposal
The right to vote
A mahogany coffin
One day of mourning

Forget it

Thank you for your help :)
It looks like the audio isn't loading from because the Soundcloud integration—displaying them on—is broken. I doubt I'll fix that, but maybe there's something that can be done.
So many old reels go bad. I paid for a Mort Sahl interview from the 60s, and they refunded me the money because they couldn't digitize it. Fires at Universal Studios destroyed masters of Billie Holiday and many more, and they've had multiple fires, or they get wet or wear out sitting in a college. 99% of libraries in the US will digitize your old reels and tapes. I'm always looking for rare stuff from way back, and I've received a lot of free stuff (nothing by Bukowski) from Universities simply by e-mailing their Archives department. Sometimes I'll write to all the e-mail addresses, and someone sometimes goes that extra mile.. Sometimes I'll re-ask with a different e-mail and they'll upload old audio/video for you to download. when they wouldn't months ago. Sometimes things change, especially if they get a few requests... When they do charge, it's usually $30-$50, and if you know enough fans, everyone can pitch in.

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