I'd like to see a CD collection of Buk's favourite standards (1 Viewer)

yes, it will be a sort of 'Best-of' and I do see the need for not everybody is so much of a fan to buy all the books of poetry. And even I, who owns them, sometimes just want to take a portable version of reliable standards with me when leaving the house. I'm all for a good 'Best-of'collection, be it in music or literature.

I'd like to see a CD collection of Buk's favourite standards. He's rattled off the names of quite a few classical composers that he likes listening to. Having all of his favourites on one CD, with extracts showing where they've appeared in his writing, would be great. In the 1st volume of 'The Bukowski Tapes' where, in Number 11, he talks about a song he listened to in a Philadelphia bar with a mafia boss's girlfriend: 'Her Tears Flowed Like Wine' (the song must've come out in the 1940's). This may be the version he'd been listening to back then:

Is there a list somewhere that my dumb ass just can't find right now? That's exactly the kind of cd I'd burn/make for fun. :)
Most of what Buk like music-wise was contained in the catalogs of Bach, Beethoven and Brahms, but there are other composers that he admired. I recall a passage, probably in a novel, but possibly in a poem, where he wraps it up listing a good number of '30s-'40s popular songs that he and a woman or a small crowd stayed up singing late into the night. I'll be damned if I have to thumb through every novel or book of poems to find it, but it's out there.
These are modern times and you don't have to thumb through books, you open a PDF file of a book on your computer, press Ctrl + F, type song in a search box and whack Enter. If you choose the right PDF (which is Factotum in this case,) you get the desired list of songs in less than a second:
When there was a little money we walked down to Grand Central Market to get cheap stew meat, carrots, potatoes, onions and celery. We’d put it all in a big pot and sit and talk, knowing we were going to eat, smelling it - the onions, the vegetables, the meat - listening to it bubble. We rolled cigarettes and went to bed together, and got up and sang songs. Sometimes the manager would come up and tell us to keep quiet, and remind us that we were behind with the rent. The tenants never complained about our fights but they didn’t like our singing: I Got Plenty Of Nothing; Old Man River; Buttons And Bows; Tumbling Along With The Tumbling Tumbleweeds; God Bless America; Deutschland Über Alles; Bonaparte’s Retreat; I Get The Blues When It Rains; Keep Your Sunny Side Up; No More Money In The Bank; Who’s Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf; When The Deep Purple Falls; A Tiskit A Tasket; I Married An Angel; Poor Little Lambs Gone Astray; I Want A Gal Just Like The Gal Who Married Dear Old Dad; How The Hell Ya Gonna Keep Them Down On The Farm; If I’d Known You Were Coming I’d A Baked A Cake...
That's the very end of chapter 42.
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"How The Hell Ya Gonna Keep Them Down On The Farm" - I don't think that's exactly the title, but close enough. ;)

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