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New Chapbook - James O'Shea (1 Viewer)

My first chapbook, Ghost Scenes on my Mind's Eye, is now available from Scintillating Publications.

Why don't you buy a copy? Send $6 in cash or a check or money order made out to Joseph Veronneau here:

Joseph Veronneau
21 Russell St.
Burlington VT 05401

Not sure if you would like my poetry? Check out some of my previously published work by following these links:

http://www.argotistonline.co.uk/O'Shea poem.htm

Also, do me a favor and pass this bulletin on to your friends.

James O'Shea
I thought you wrote that this was rejected..? I liked some of your poetry, especially the one about your uncle. I am brand new to poetry, so maybe my opinion doesn't mean too much.
I thought you wrote that this was rejected..? I liked some of your poetry, especially the one about your uncle. I am brand new to poetry, so maybe my opinion doesn't mean too much.

you don't need to know anything about poetry except what you like and don't like. that's all that matters.
I thought you wrote that this was rejected..?
To clarify, the post was rejected the first time around because it was his first post. Since that time he has made other posts that indicate that he is indeed familiar with Bukowski's work, and he wasn't just a one-post-wonder looking to promote his own work.

I delete about one post a week like this, all of them first posts, all by brand new users, and usually those users never come back. They never come back because they have no interest in Bukowski in the first place, but they saw an active forum dedicated to a writer and they thought, "What better place to try to sell my book!"

People who are here because they want to be here can try sell whatever they would like (within reason - and if you spend any time here you should know what "within reason" means). But a post by a writer who has no interest in the forum is nothing more than spam, and we don't allow spam here.

We went down this slippery slope with Esotouric, and I learned my lesson there. You have to establish yourself here before you can use the forum to advertise.

That being said I'm moving this thread to the buying and selling forum.
mjp, did not notice this until now. thanks for letting it post. I completely agree with your reasoning on why you did not at first.

g-love, I am glad you liked some of my poems...see rubyred's reply for my opinion on opinions.

ponder, I am still pondering and I can't figure out why you won't buy a copy. let me know if anything changes.


By the way, I have had to clear up some confusion about this in the past...

Joseph Veronneau is the publisher who runs Scintillating Publications and though I have never met him, he seems to be a stand up guy and has published some poets who I respect a great deal. I don't know why he doesn't use paypal, I guess he is just old school. You can visit his site here:


so endeth my attempts to sell my chapbook amongst you.
Hi jm,
I would give your publisher a piece of friendly advice from me. Please fix that website. It makes my head hurt. No matter how great your books are, if they are presented on a free website like that, it will get no traffic. And tell him to take Paypal. People hate sending checks and many will not buy things that cannot be bought online. I get about 90% of my money via Paypal. Finally, it would be a great idea to get his own hosting and name. That is about $100 a year and would allow him www.scintillating.com or whatever. It just shows that the press is to be taken seriously.

I'm only saying this because I want him to do well and continue to publish poets. It does no one any good to not know about good poetry because of a cookie cutter free website.

There is someone on this forum that may be able to help. He would have to pay a few bucks, but the changes will pay for themselves in about a month after poeple can actually buy his books.

Anyway, that is my $.02...

I know the folks behind Esotouric quite well. They're decent folk dedicated to preserving and celebrating the L.A. literary landscape. I'm sure they meant no harm, just didn't read the rules.
There were a few threads where they popped up here to sell their tour and seemed to have no other interest in this forum outside of selling bus seats.


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