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Forwarding Kevs message:
Coming very soon - ON SOME EARLY BUKOWSKI POEMS...THE GENIUS EMERGES by David Stephen Calonne is Number 67 in the Beat Scene Press chapbook series. 150 numbered copies in the regular series format with foldover covers - Calonne is a biographer of Bukowski and has edited a series of his early writing for City Lights Press -
.....a copy in Europe is 15 Euros including airmail postage.
Let me know if this interests you.
Kevin Ring ([email protected])

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Can you tell us more about the content? Are there Bukowski poems? Are there never-before published Bukowski poems? Basically, why would someone be intrested in purchasing this? (I love this publisher and have never been disappointed).
As far as I've understood Kevin it's a comprehensive essay on the early poetry.
Still I have forwarded your inquiry to Kevin,
letting you know asap.
The chapbook of 32 pages plus title page, endpaper and covers with foldovers is a long essay by David Calonne. He discusses Bukowski's early poetry and development, referencing Catullus amongst others. As you'll know with David, he is thorough but very readable. I'm at kevbeatscene@gmail - the chapbook is No 67 in a long running series, quite a few relating to Buk.
The 2011/12/13 Jahrbuch der Charles-Bukowski-Gesellschaft contains (in English) a 20-page article entitled The Genius Emerges: On Some Early Bukowski Poems by David (based on his address at the 2011 symposium). So, it's not clear if there's some difference in content here.

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