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Bobby D, you're right, the enthusiasm doesn't fade. but after reading Factotum, Post Office, Pulp, Hollywood, and South of No North all in a very short space of time, i felt like i needed to take a break, a breather of sorts. i never stopped checking out this forum on an almost daily basis (yay! for having the internet at work!), simply because the knowledge and enthusiasm and warmth displayed by the other forum members is so heartening. the level of wit and unpretentious intelligence and interest in a broad range of subjects means there is always good reading to be had on this site. and sometimes when i'm at work i'll open up one of the poems and leave it there on the screen for an hour or so, to keep coming back to (in between fitting shoes to old ladies' feet).

uni has just started up for the year, which won't leave a lot of time for extra-curricular reading but that's ok 'cos i'm happy to linger over buk's work, and it's something to look forward to at the end of the year :)
i'm actually an avid book-buyer, i HAVE to own the books i love. unfortunately the financial status of being a student means i can only afford
2nd-hand books, and Buk is nowhere to be found in any local stores (yes, i've already begun searching high and low!).

I'm the same about owning books. Interestingly enough, I think that the 2nd hand books are the best. They are broken in...kinda like Buk. Check the web for good access to the books.:D
You gotta love some people selling on ebay.

This is their explanation of their postage (and handling, I'm sure...)

postage rates:for US only: 1)4th class no insurance is $3.25 2)4th class $5.00 3)priority mail no insurance is $5.50 Priority mail w. insurance is $7.75-WEST COAST STATES POSTAGE IS $8.75(WITH INSURANCE).

Why $1.00 extra for West Coast? They are in Maryland, but media mail costs the same anywhere in the US. If the buiyer is unlucky enough to win this from them and they live in California and they want insurance, they must pay $8.75 for postage that costs this person about $5.15. But my point is why the extra dollar for West Coast? What about Hawaii? Maybe that is not west Coast? I assume that it is just someone that has no clue...

I once felt the same way but I'm so new to this technology, I'm trying. If you have any advice let me know. [email protected]

baby I'm not sure I understand, this damn machine must be broken or something. Can we just have a drink and stay home tonight? Or fuck that, let's get a bottle and watch the sun rise later.

still trying to figure it out- a little help?
wow, thanks for coming through. I went away to write and drink. I suppose my thoughts are getting through. Is there a faster way?

please help, drowning in a sea of ma


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